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The beautiful Yamuna, one of the most sacred of Indian rivers flows through the transcendental land of Braj.The source of Yamuna is "SaptarishiKund"in the Himalayas flows from Yamunotri and eventually merges with the river Ganga. As far as sanctity is concerned , river Yamuna is directly connected with pastimes of Lord Krishna. A long time of picturesque ghats-with their steps leading to the water's edge, arched gateways and temple decorating the banks. Each ghat has a name and each has a significance. Each of them is associated with either shri Krishna directly or through his famous disciples who lived centuries ago, the more famous ghats are Vishram ghat, Kalia Ghat, Swami ghat, Prayag ghat, Dhruv ghat, Chir ghat, Keshi Ghat, Kalidas ghat, Varah ghat etc.



River Yamuna

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