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The city of mathura, traditionally recognised as the nucleus of brajbhoomi, is a land where Lord Krishna was born and spent his youth. It is recognised as one of India's seven cities capable of bestowing final beatitude. But the history of Mathura dates back to "Tretayuga" which is much earlier than the manifestation period of lord Shri Krishna of "Dwapara Yuga". According to stories in our Puranas, Shatrughna, the younger brother of Lord Shri Ram, Killed a demon named "Lavana" and established a town called "Madhura" to become famous later as "Mathura" situated on the north bank of river of yamuna, Mathura had assumed great significance during the buddha, Mauryan Kushanas, Guptas era(5 th century BC to 4 th century AD).

The city's strategic location at the cross roads of various trade routes made it the meeting point of varied cultures. Today, it is a city of temples and shrines, bustling with thousands of devotees who come to visit the city of Lord Krishna. The city stretches along the right bank of the yamuna and the continuous line of ghats along the river makes a splendid spectacle. Mathura is today an important place of pilgrimage.




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