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Lord Krishna

Krishna is the supreme personality of godhead. He is the son of vasudeva and devaki. Krishna appears on earth once in a day of lord Brahma or once every 4,32,000,000 years. He is the source of Lord Vishnu, who is the source of all otherincarnations of God.

Since Krishna is the source of all avataras(incarnations), therefore all the different avataras are present in Krishna. When Krishna incarnates, all the features of the other incarnations are already present within him. His complexion in blackish, like the color of a new rain cloud. He stands in a three-fold bending form, dancing and playing on his flute. On the alter many times he will be with his consort, "Radha".

In paintings, he will be seen dancing with the cowheard girls(gopis), playing with the cowherd boys, or as Arjuna's charioteer on the battlefield of "Mahabharata". He killed the evil king Kansa and many other demons to protect his devotees. He signifies the victory of good over evil and the importance of Karma. His divine message, proclamations and spiritual teachings embodied in the sacred scripture universal - "The Bhagwada Geeta"


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