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Parikramas are a matter of faith, walking bare feet from one holy place to the next,    clockwise covering all the temples, forests and kunds associated with shri Krishna are made famous by his famous disciples. Each Parikrama has a season and some have days, when they can commence.

Braj Mandal Parikrama

Traditionally known as "Chaurasi Kos" (84 kos) parikrama. The longest of all the parikrama covers 12 vanas (forests) 24 upvans(groves), sacred hill Goverdhan, divine river Yamuna and numerous holy spots including the whole, Braj Mandal. The main month is "Bhadon" (rainy month) for the Parikrama.

Goverdhan Parikrama

This parikrama goes a route of about 7 kos or 22kms, round by the Goverdhan Parvat, Jatipura, Manasi Ganga, Radhakund, Kusum Sarover and ends on Daanghatti temple. Although the parikrama can be made any day but the great significant is of "Muniya Puno" or "Gurupurinima".

Vrindavan Parikrama
This parikrama path is 4 kos or 12 kms. It is customary for devotees to walk around the town of Vrindavan. The important places passes on the way are Kaliya dah ghat, Madan Mohan temple, sri Tatiyasthan, Iskcon, Raman Reti and Keshi Ghat. The main day that people do parikrama of Vrindavan is on "Ekadasi"(the eleventh day of waxing and waning moon).

Mathura parikrama

This is a 3 kos or 9kms. Parikrama path that goes around the town. It starts from Vishram Ghat and goes around Rangeswar temple, Bhuteshwar, Kans quila and Chamunda devi. The main day for parikrama is "Akshay Naumi".


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