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Braj mandal

Braj bhoomi:
The land where shri krishna was born and spent his youth, has today little towns and hamlets that are still alive with the krishna legend and still redolent with the music of his flute. Covering an area of about 3800 sq.km, today Brajbhoomi can be divided into two distinct units - the eastern part in the trans-yamuna tract with places like Gokul, Mahavan, Baldeo, Raman Reti and western side of Yamuna covering the Mathura region that encompasses Vrindavan, Goverdhan, Kusum Sarovar, Barsana, Nandgaon Radha Kund etc.

It was here that Lord Krishna was brought up in secrecy by his faster mother "Yashoda", in the pastoral beauty of this village on the banks of River Yamuna. Gokul attained importance during the time of Vallabhacharya when it became a major center of the Bhakti cult. The celebration of "Janmashtami" is unparalled for its gaiety. Other festivals celebrated include janmahotsav, Annakut, and the Trinavat Mala. The important shrines are Gokulnath temple, Vithalnath temple, Dauji Temple, Madan Mohan temple, Dwarikanath temple, Balkrishna temple, Raj Thakur temple, Gopal lalji temple and morwala temple.

Lying on the left bank of the river Yamuna, the town is associated with the lord Krishna's childhood. The most sacred temple are the impressive "Mathura Nathji" temple and the "Chaurashi khambha" temple built in buddhist architectural style. Other important shrine includes the Shyamlalji temple, Yogmaya temple, Tranairatri temple and the Mahamall Raiji's palace.

The town derives its name from the famous Dauji temple dedicated to "Balram", the elder brother of Lord Krishna. The main image in the sanctum is that of Baldeo with his spause "Ravati". Near by is "Kshir Sagar" kund.

Raman Reti:
A sacred Hindu pilgrimage place famous for the playground of childhood of Lord Krishna and other conjugal offair with Radha(consort). Here is a beautiful Ashram of "Kashni Guru Sarnanandji Maharaj".

A famous place of Hindu pilgrimage, Goverdhan is located on a narrow sandstone hill known as "Giriraj". This is the place where Lord Krishna held aloft "Giriraj Parvat" to shield the people of Braj rom the wrath of Lord Indra. The important shrine here is "Daanghati Temple". There is also a large masonry tank known as the "Mansi Ganga", which is belived to have been brought into existence by the operation of the diving will.

Kusum Sarovar:
The exquisitely carved chhatris-the cenotaphs of the royal family of Bharatpur. The chhatri of Raja Surajmal and Baldev have beautiful frescos, depicting darbar, hunting scenes royal processions and wars.

Birth lace of sri Radha Rani or Ladliji, Krishna's beloved and consort was previously known as "Brahmsarin", temples dedicated to the divine couple ornament the four elevations of the hill. The most beautiful temple here is the "Ladliji temple", "Prem sarovar" a small lake is belived to the place where Lord Krishna and Radha met for the first tim e. Other attractions includes Man Mandir, Mor Kutir temple, Roop Sagar, Jal Mahal, and Sankari-khar. Barsana is also famous for its "Lathmar-Holi"-celebrations of the festival of colors that are unique.

Nandgaon was the home of "shri Nandji" lord Krishna's foster father. The spacious "Nandrai temple" stands atop a hillock. Pan sarover, one of the four celebrated lakes of Braj bhoomi, where according to legend, Lord Krishna used to water his herd. The other shrine Narsingha, Gopinath, Nritya Gopal, Girdhari, Nand Nandan, Yasodha Nandan and Kadamb Kunj.

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